Steps To A Successful Golf Event

  1. Develop your event objectives and strategy
  2. Set your dates, budget and size
  3. Contact us – (888) 891-3007
  4. Open a bottle of wine and relax while we work with you to create an exceptional golf outing event
  5. Develop your event objectives so we can help you with proven strategies:
  6. Is your objective “Team Building,” “Incentive or Reward,” “Client Hospitality,” “Conference Break” or just a chance to get out in the fresh air? Whatever you establish as a goal you want to achieve with the golf outing component of your event, it would be our pleasure to offer all the support you require.
  7. Set your budget and desired dates:
  8. Naturally you want the most for your event dollar, but you also want the event to be memorable. Often times, if you have some date flexibility, we can help you save substantially. If your dates are not flexible, we can suggest ways to stretch your dollars by holding your event at certain times of the day, when the courses can be most accommodating or by employing certain formats like a shotgun. We can suggest ways to stretch your budget while enhancing the golf experience. We have been called magicians.
  9. Estimate how long you have for your golf outing. In addition to the golf itself and the pre and post golfing activities at the course, remember to include traveling time to and from the course. We offer a selection of courses all within just nine miles from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, so a one way trip takes only about 20 minutes. Your participants will appreciate spending less time driving on the highways, so they can enjoy playing the fairways and getting to and from their hotel more quickly.
Many courses are as far as an hour or more one way, make certain your plan for the travel time: Distance to Courses Estimate the number of golfers and non-golfers in your event: We offer complete event services for groups of 16 or more. Full course buy-outs generally involve somewhere around 100+ golfers, but we can tailor programs for you to allow your group to have exclusivity and not be hampered by other golfers who are not part of your outing. 8.) Guesstimate the skill levels of your participants: We can develop tournament formats for golfers of all skill levels, so that everyone can have an enjoyable time. For example “Best Ball” allows everyone to enjoy being part of the action. Sometimes those who do not have long drives get intimidated off the tees. With Best Ball, each player hits his or her second shot from the furthest drive, and this repeats with the second shot, third shot, etc. There are multiple, traditional tournament formats we can help organize and some of our own, including poker tournaments and The Maris, all developed to make golf outings fun, memorable and a good time for all. 9.) We can provide alternative activities for the non-golfers, ranging from beginning golf clinics, lunches, fashion shows, sightseeing and more. -Contact our Event Specialists with this information -Generally within 24 hours, we will provide you with a suggested schedule and price options. For further inquires regarding groups of 16 or more players.  Please contact Jody Neimann 702-450-8007Ten FAQs to ask