World-Class Golf Instruction

Almost every tournament-winning and record-breaking professional golfer has an expert in the art of the golf swing as a part of their ever-growing entourage. Headed by Las Vegas golf instructor Chuck Bombard, the Walters Golf Academy offers a fully-grassed range and an exceptional place to discover the endless shots and mental game strategies needed to fine tune your playing expertise – whether it be simply for enjoyment or for high-stakes competition. And, even if you’re new to the course, Davis’ flexible teaching style that accommodates all skill levels will help you become a master of executing of what you’ve learned with ease: Golf Magazine has recognized Mike, Master PGA professional, as one of the “Top 100 Teachers in America” for the last nine years. In addition to being the Golf Channel’s sole Nevada Golf Academy instructor, Davis is among an elite group of Golf Digest Schools teachers throughout the country – and the only purveyor of Golf Digest Schools in Las Vegas.

The Walters Golf Academy

The Walters Golf Academy is committed to providing the finest in video-oriented golf instruction. Utilizing the latest technology, we provide our students with a DVD of the lesson for at-home analysis and mid-lesson progress reviews with the help of the V1 Golf system for on-screen side-by-side comparison and swing plane mark-ups. A state-of-the-art FlightScope launch monitor is also used alongside the video camera to enhance the evolution of your swing, too, as its 3D Doppler technology tracks trajectory and analyzes ball flight to optimize your swing for optimal precision. Before long, the DVDs you’ll have acquired will become a testament to your hard work and dedication as you witness the chronological transformation of your game! All of our Las Vegas golf instructors engage in extensive training throughout the year to ensure your expectations are consistently exceeded, scores are lowered and enjoyment of the game is intensified. We provide an array of options for top-notch private and group golf instruction in Las Vegas, including the finest in completely customized golf schools for Vegas locals and visitors alike.


Our Instruction Philosophy

  • We seek to establish a strong foundation in the set-up fundamentals of grip, posture, alignment, ball position and balance,
  • We work to develop a swing for each student that fits their individual needs and abilities.
  • We believe in the use of video to enhance real-time understanding of the swing and increase comprehension of takeaways post-lesson.
  • We strive to exceed every student’s expectations at each step of the learning experience in a fun, relaxed manner.

Video Instruction

We conducted a research project in 2001 alongside the Kinesiology Department at UNLV. The study’s effects were so groundbreaking, it garnered an award from the World Scientific Congress of Golf and was presented at the International Meeting at The Old Course at St. Andrews in the summer of 2002. The study showed that use of video in a lesson improved a student’s performance by 35% compared to traditional instruction. While these now-timeless findings are eminent in the methodology of instructors worldwide, students of our very own esteemed golf teacher in Las Vegas experience this total game-changer, quite literally, right from the very source!

Callaway Golf Club Fitting Center

We can help you craft the perfect swing that rivals those of legends who’ve mastered the holes that inspired Royal Links. And we can help you mentally achieve the effortless and relaxing ease at the core of the game’s serene nature itself – allowing you to immerse yourself in its calming surroundings (like the tropical ambiance at Bali Hai.) But without properly fitted clubs, you’re put at a disadvantage that only prevents your true talent from shining. As such, we’re a recognized Callaway Golf Fitting Center in Las Vegas and utilize the Callaway Launch Monitor to identify your unique needs and specifications. You’ll hit a variety of clubs in diverse configurations to discover which combinations strengthen your launch angle, ball velocity and spin rate. With customized clubs in your bag, the pure ball striking and lower scores you’re capable of can finally be realized. Click here to learn more.